sound on click

sound on click

It makes sound effects while you click on things in Chrome
5.0.9600 (See all)

This is a simple, neat and small Google Chrome extension that doesn't come with any complex functionality. All that this cool little plug-in does is that it adds sounds to every click that you make while using the Google Chrome browser. Don't expect that anytime you click on a link, on a tab, on an image, and so on, a simple little sound to accompany that click will be produced. This plugin will make sounds only when certain actions are performed, such as when you refresh or load a page, or when you change or close a tab.

The “Sound on click” plugin also comes with a few, very basic options: it lets you change the volume of the sounds and it lets you choose if you want sounds to be enabled for both page refreshing/loading and for tab switching or only for one of these two options. The sounds altogether can also be enabled or disabled with simple single mouse clicks.

Since it's only a Google Chrome plugin, “Sound on click” is also simple and easy to use. Furthermore, it's completely free.

In conclusion, though it may not sound like much, having sounds on clicks in Google Chrome is quite interesting. If you give this extension a try, you can check that for yourself.

Margie Smeer
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  • Small, neat and lightweight.
  • Allows adjusting the sounds' volume.
  • Free


  • Hasn't been updated since 2014.
  • It's available only for Google Chrome
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